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After Hours Service Info


Docs on the Bay is a traditional family practice. We are not a 'Walk-in clinic'.


We want you to enjoy the benefits of continuity of care, which brings great quality of health care and delivery,  managed by your GP/Family doctor. You owe yourself this level of care!


We believe that the typical 'walk-in' care delivery is NOT ideal.


Our walk-in service is meant to be there for OUR patients as a way to avoid going to other walk-in clinics. It is serviced by our 'Doc of the Day', who will be one of the seven docs that currently work together. All your medical information will be available to the Doc of the Day.

This is a service to you, to allow and fascilitate continuity of care.


We will not turn away 'non-practice patients' if urgent medical care is required. We  urge you to create continuity of care for yourself from your family physician.



value. quality care. convenience.

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