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Mary Coleman, MSW, RSW 

          Compassion minded counseling 

            To inspire growth and connection in difficult times 


In the midst of life challenges, we hold  an inner wisdom and strength when we listen deeply to ourselves and each other in the presence of engaged support. This attention lays a foundation for resilience and wellbeing to make choices aligned with our deepest needs and values. 


Mary offers a counseling approach which integrates:

•   mindfulness-based cognitive, somatic, and self compassion skills allow more possibilities for growth and connection.

•   attachment and neurobiology  theory to strengthen  emotional regulation and fulfilling relationships. 

•   compassionate inquiry to explore thoughts, feelings, sensations, and core beliefs as valuable sources of guidance towards what is most life affirming.  


For couples, this process also creates a space to develop a shared understanding of the emotional dance two people create together which causes each other distress and disconnection. This awareness of painful  patterns combined with practice of specific skills supports each partner to build more nourishing relationships. 


Support for Individuals and couples living with:

        Anxiety and depression

        Relationship and family distress 

        Making meaning and purpose 

        Serious illnesses, loss and grief, caregiver stress 

        Traumatic experiences 


Mary has specialized in the field of cancer care, palliative care, grief, and loss for over 12 years in a variety of settings.   Each of these of these areas is truly about a holistic approach towards alleviating suffering and cultivating quality of life. In addition to a private practice, Mary also works with the North Shore Palliative care program and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.


Please contact her at 778-233-4425  or 


value. quality care. convenience.

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