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Meet The Team

Docs on the Bay, Horseshoe Bay’s medical and wellness centre, is community oriented.  We are sensitive to the needs of people surrounding us whatever health challenges they face.  We strive at being implemental towards the comprehensive health and wellness of our community.


Our team consists of various health professionals with valuable experience, knowledge and expertise. Together we are serious in our commitment to make the basic wellbeing of any individual person our concern.



Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeyr

Family Medicine


Dr. Hofmeyr, or Wim (Vim), as he prefers to be called, was introduced to Canadian general practice in Quesnel, BC (1998), where he practiced for over 8 years. " ... this beautiful Cariboo town not only was the birthplace of our 3 lovely sons, it also mentored me in so many ways, professionally and personally …”


Wim and his family settled in Horseshoe Bay in 2006.

He is the founder of 'Docs on the Bay'. 

“I always dreamed of a clinical setting where passionate people work together and complement  each other in providing a healthcare/wellness center that is focused on community wellness and the provision of dedicated medical support with integrity and respect for everyone approaching us…"

Each of us has a unique, individualized health and wellness journey that can't and should not be  'protocoled'.  I appreciate being invited by someone to sit around their health table and to be asked to contribute in any way...”

Dr. Stephanie Shorter

Family Medicine


Dr. Shorter joined our team middle of 2018, her enthusiasm for Family Practice  is 'infectious', bred in the East, now in the West, we are lucky to have her part of our team.


Dr. Jay Wortman

Family Medicine


Dr Jay Wortman studied Biology and Chemistry at the University of Alberta and Medicine at the University of Calgary. He completed the Family Medicine residency at UBC before starting private practice in Vancouver. He began combining that with part-time clinics at the STI/HIV the BC Centre for Disease Control where he eventually became the full-time Associate Director. He moved on the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch of Health Canada where he held senior management positions in Ottawa and Vancouver.


In 1992, he developed type 2 diabetes and quickly discovered that it could be controlled by restricting dietary carbohydrates. He went on to do clinical research on low-carbohydrate diets and became a little bit famous for a study he did in the Namgis First Nation of Alert Bay which was the subject of the CBC documentary film, "My Big Fat Diet". His research interest in the dietary management of obesity, pre-diabetes and diabetes led him back into clinical practice where he is now.


His approach to medicine is based on the extensive knowledge of the power of nutritional interventions he has acquired through clinical research over the past decade. He offers nutritional advice and coaching together with conventional medical approaches for patients who are suffering from common chronic conditions. He also spends part of each week practicing addictions medicine in Surrey, East Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside.

Dr. Daniel Coric

Family Medicine


I am a native of former Yugoslavia who migrated to Canada in the early 1990s. I earned my
Medical Degree with Honours at Western Sydney University in 2017, and then went on to
complete an Internship at Nepean Hospital in Sydney, Australia. After this I completed my
Family Medicine Residency at the UBC St. Paul’s Hospital Program. I have a wide interest in
general family practice and primary care dermatology, I am a proud husband to my wife Brandi, and we are proud parents to two children: Damian who is 11 years old and Talea who is four.
I enjoy spending time with my wife and children, especially hiking, skiing and snowboarding. I am very excited to be joining the Docs On The Bay and building lasting relationships with the community members.

Dr. Katie Colwell

Family Medicine


After a long search , we finally found Katie.


Graduating from McGill in 2003 (Microbiology and Immunology), then living in the Prairies 2005-2011 where she completed her Family Practice residency.  Katie involves herself with the full scope of family practice.  Her smile and kind way is not only infectious, but also very reassuring.


Dr. Colleen Lawlor

Family Medicine


Dr. Lawlor has been with Docs on the Bay since 2017.

She has been practicing in West Vancouver for over 13 years,

with a BA in Psychology, MSC in Nursing, MD from the University of Texas,San Antonio, 

we consider ourselves so very lucky to have had her choose Docs to continue serving her patients from.




Dr. Lee-Ann Wills

Family Medicine


Dr. Wills has been serving her patients on the Northshore for over 25 years. She joined our team in late 2018.


The community has been fortunate to have Lee-Ann choose the Northsore to practice family medicine. 



Dr. Bob Wilson

Ph.D., R.Psych., FCPA


Over the past dozen or so years I have focused my practice on the following problems presented in no particular order:


  • Dysfunctional relationships: marriages, co-workers, families or executives and boards

  • Depression: co-morbid, grief, dysthymic disorder, suicidal ideation or personality disorder

  • Anxiety: panic attack, phobic disorders, separation, post-traumatic stress or OCD

  • Work-related stress disorders

  • Retirement: planning and adjustment 


If you have patients experiencing any of the above problems, I would appreciate an opportunity to work with you in helping them acquire a satisfactory level of adjustment.


For more information please visit:


Phone : 604-831-7792

Janie Ticehurst  
RN, M.Sc Com. Hlth
Nurse Janie has taken a new role as' Nurse in Practice' at Docs.
She has the focus of supporting patients and doctors in all areas, with the aim of improving patient care , especially those dealing with complex medical needs. Also adding services delivery on site ex. spirometry services, mental health support, vaccinations, allergy shots, diabetes care, foot exams and more to come...
WE are so fortunate to have her on the medical team!!
Thank you to VCH and the Divisions of Family Practice (Northshore) to make this possible.
Ella Solin, MSc.

Registered Clinical CounsellorCertified Hakomi Therapist


 Over the last 15 years in my counselling practice I have worked with adults and adolescent girls, young women and their families. I’ve worked with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma (e.g., PTSD, accidents, bullying, abuse), eating disorders, self-harm behaviours and parenting coaching. My practice is embedded in mindfulness and the latest research in neuropsychology, which shows we can “re-wire” our brains and change those in-grained patterns of thinking and behaving. I also draw on attachment theory and mindfulness-based cognitive-behaviour therapy. I assist my clients to identify their goals and provide a therapeutic roadmap to achieve them. With my gentle, experiential and mindfulness-based approach, I will support them to reevaluate and transform unproductive thoughts and beliefs, identify and appropriately express feelings, and heal past wounds which still influence (unconsciously) present day behaviours and choices. In turn, my clients learn new skills and discover a deeper sense of self and satisfaction with a wider repertoire of responses and choices. Outside of my work, you will find me outdoors being active with my family, doing yoga or sitting quietly with a book.



• Hakomi -

• EMDR -

• Interpersonal-Neuropsychology

• Mindfulness-Based Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy

• Attachment Theory AREAS OF PRACTICE

• Adults

• Teens and their families

• Stress, anxiety, depression (and postpartum depression), trauma/PTSD, eating disorders/disordered eating, self-harm behaviours, self-esteem, parent coaching, transitions, loss and grief.


Ella Solin, RCC


Mary Coleman    MSW, RSW 

          Compassion minded counseling 

            To inspire growth and connection in difficult times 


Support for Individuals and couples living with:

        Anxiety and depression

        Relationship and family distress 

        Making meaning and purpose 

        Serious illnesses, loss and grief, caregiver stress 

        Traumatic experiences 


 See Bio


Please contact her at 778-233-4425  or 

The Team That Keeps It Together 
Patient Care Coordinators:​
  •  Kelly
  •  Andrea
  • Ellen
  • Lisa
  • Heleen


value. quality care. convenience.

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